IMNIS Leaders Forum – Effective Mentoring

High level industry leaders discuss the rewards, challenges and benefits of mentoring. This is a mentor-only event with invited guests.

Melbourne, VIC: 13 November 2019

Sydney, NSW: 14 November 2019

Adelaide, SA: 24 January 2019

Perth, WA: 19 February 2019

Brisbane, QLD: 20 March 2019

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IMNIS STEM Careers in Industry

An expert panel discusses transferable skills, implicit skills (the ‘soft’ skills), the value of networking, potential jobs of the future and their top tips for career success.

Perth, WA: 13 March 2019

Adelaide, SA: 14 March 2019

Sydney, NSW: 21 March 2019

Melbourne, VIC: 28 March 2019

Brisbane, QLD: 5 April 2019

#IMNIS #mentoring #networking #STEM

IMNIS Engaging with Industry

Hear from industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs about the how, when and why to engage with industry. Elements will include pitching, milestones, timelines and budgeting, IP, translation and commercialisation.

Melbourne, VIC: 30 April 2019

Brisbane, QLD: 1 May 2019

Sydney, NSW: 2 May 2019

Perth, WA: 22 May 2019

Adelaide, SA: 23 May 2019

#IMNIS #mentoring #networking #STEM

IMNIS Program Launch – Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership can drive transformational change across an entire sector. Visionary leaders inspire, empower, enthuse and respect. They work with you to make change happen. This is what the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) is all about!

Melbourne, VIC: 17 JULY 2019

Brisbane, QLD: 23 JULY 2019

Sydney, NSW: 24 JULY 2019

Perth, WA: 29 JULY 2019

Adelaide, SA: 30 JULY 2019

#IMNIS #mentoring #networking #STEM


Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering

Sydney, NSW: 13 JUNE 2019 (Sofitel Wentworth)