IMNIS is an award-winning mentoring initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. Working with experts in academia and industry, IMNIS connects motivated PhD students (mentees) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with high level industry leaders (mentors).



Officially launched in 2015, IMNIS has demonstrated success in mentoring students in universities around Australia and was recognised with a prestigious B/HERT Award in 2016.

Mentors and mentees meet in person in a professional setting for one hour each month for 12 months. State-level networking events hosted by IMNIS allow mentors and mentees to mix and mingle, and connect more broadly.

IMNIS provides PhD students the opportunity to increase their understanding of the industry sector, learn the skills they need to develop to be successful within the STEM sector and extend their professional network.

Mentors are all volunteers generously sharing their time and expertise. IMNIS provides a diverse range of industry professionals the opportunity to engage with academia, share their mentoring skills, and ‘give back’ to the STEM community.



IMNIS is actively recruiting experienced professionals in industry and government as mentors! Contact IMNIS to learn more.

For more information on how you or your organisation can foster the professional development of tomorrow’s leaders in STEM, contact IMNIS at admin@imnis.org.au