Pramod Subedi, PhD student at La Trobe University and IMNIS mentee in the 2017 IMNIS MedTech-Pharma Program in Victoria (VIC)

“My mentor has given me the confidence and encouragement to advance my research career. He has shown me the value of team work and passion in moving forward professionally”

My name is Pramod Subedi and I am originally from Nepal, a country of exquisite natural beauty and the idyllic Himalayas. I graduated with a Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT) from Pokhara University, Nepal. My past laboratory experience stimulated me to pursue a Masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (MBB), a unique laboratory-based course at La Trobe University, Australia. It ultimately became a pathway into my PhD. As a part of my research degree, I have the privilege to work on an exciting project under the supervision of Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow, Dr Begoña Heras, at La Trobe University in Melbourne. My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of bacterial virulence which is critical for human health.  I feel very lucky to be involved in a project that I am passionate about and that is within the field that I would like to pursue in the future.

Why are you participating in the IMNIS program?

I strongly believe that a strong collaboration between universities and industry partners has significant potential in translating early research into commercial development. IMNIS provides a platform for PhD students like me to connect with outstanding high level industry leaders. I joined IMNIS mainly to acquire industry-relevant knowledge, particularly in commercialisation and regulatory processes, and also to develop my industry network.  I am fortunate to be involved in this mentoring initiative.

What is the most important aspect of this professional relationship for you?

I feel incredibly lucky to have a mentor who has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and management. Building a professional relationship with my mentor has allowed me to understand and compare the work environment, the pace and the goals in industry compared to academia.

What do you hope your mentor can help you achieve and what is the best piece of advice you have received so far?

My mentor has given me the confidence and encouragement to advance my research career. He has shown me the value of team work and passion in moving forward professionally. He leads by example and I remain inspired to do my best in a team setting. My mentor always encourages me to move forward and shows me different pathways to industrial research. I hope with his guidance and learning from his past experiences, I can better prepare for my future career.

Pramod with his industry mentor Laurent Dapremont, CEO at Technovalia

What are the top 3 key things you hope to learn through the IMNIS program?

Through the IMNIS mentoring program, I hope to achieve:

  1. A good understanding of industry operations and to develop skills required for working in collaboration with industry.
  2. Strengthen my research skills and translational capacity.
  3. Extend my professional network with other IMNIS mentors.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the IMNIS program for you so far?

There are so many rewarding aspects associated with this program. Apart from having such an open-minded mentor, for me the most gratifying aspect of this program is networking.  It provides ample opportunity to meet and greet with many peers and leaders including CEOs, policy makers and colleagues from different institutions. I enjoye the experience and enthusiasm they share, and strongly encourage more graduate research students to take part in this program.

What are your favourite hobbies/interests?

I have a passion for traveling and exploring new places. I like to involve in volunteer work or community activities in my spare time. I also love to cook and enjoy listening to music. And lastly, but certainly not least, I love and have a passion for photography.

LinkedIn: Pramod Subedi