IMNIS Engaging with Industry

Hear from industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs about the how, when and why to engage with industry. Elements will include pitching, milestones, timelines and budgeting, IP, translation and commercialisation.

Melbourne, VIC: 30 April 2019gallery

Brisbane, QLD: 1 May 2019gallery

Sydney, NSW: 2 May 2019gallery

Perth, WA: 22 May 2019gallery

Adelaide, SA: 23 May 2019gallery

IMNIS STEM Careers in Industry

An expert panel discusses transferable skills, implicit skills (the ‘soft’ skills), the value of networking, potential jobs of the future and their top tips for career success.

Perth, WA: 13 March 2019gallery

Adelaide, SA: 14 March 2019gallery

Sydney, NSW: 21 March 2019gallery

Melbourne, VIC: 28 March 2019gallery

Brisbane, QLD: 5 April 2019gallery

IMNIS Leaders Forum – Effective Mentoring

High level industry leaders discuss the rewards, challenges and benefits of mentoring. This is a mentor-only event with invited guests.

Melbourne, VIC: 13 November 2018

Sydney, NSW: 14 November 2018

Adelaide, SA: 24 January 2019

Perth, WA: 19 February 2019

Brisbane, QLD: 20 March 2019

IMNIS: Celebrating Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership can drive transformational change across an entire sector. Visionary leaders inspire, empower, enthuse and respect. They work with you to make change happen. This is what the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) is all about!

Adelaide, SA: 13 September 2018gallery

Brisbane, QLD: 31 August 2018gallery

Perth WA: 7 August 2018 – gallery

Sydney NSW: 25 Jul 2018gallery

Melbourne VIC: 27 Jun 2018gallery


IMNIS hit a major milestone with 2018 the first year all IMNIS programs are on offer in every state around Australia. We celebrated with the National Launch of this prestigious award-winning industry mentoring initiative.

Melbourne VIC: 15 May 2018 – gallery

IMNIS: Meet the Entrepreneur

There are so many parallels between founding a small business and leading a research program, and an entrepreneurial mindset can facilitate resilience and success in either setting!

Brisbane QLD: Tues 19 June 2018 – gallery

Adelaide SA: 8 June 2018gallery

Perth WA: 22 May 2018gallery

Sydney NSW: 1 Nov 2017gallery

IMNIS: The Value of Networking

This event shared insights from senior industry leaders in the MedTech-Pharma and Energy Resources sectors on the importance and benefits of networking. Topics included how to network effectively, how to connect with a range of professionals in different settings, how developing an extensive network can help with career development and how someone can ‘give back’ to their network.

Adelaide SA: Wed 14 March 2018 – gallery

Perth WA: Tues 27 March 2018 – gallery

Brisbane QLD: Thurs 12 April 2018 – gallery

Sydney NSW: Tues 17 April 2018 – gallery

IMNIS: Peer Mentoring

This facilitated peer mentoring session was a terrific opportunity for Mentees in the QLD MedTech-Pharma and Minerals Resources programs to connect more closely and share their thoughts and experiences about the mentoring partnership and the IMNIS initiative overall. Special thanks to METS Ignited for sponsoring this event.

Brisbane QLD: 11 April 2018gallery

IMNIS: STEM Careers in Industry

At this event, STEM professionals in industry with expertise in different parts of the MedTech-Pharma and Minerals Resources industry sectors shared how they apply their STEM training to lead and excel in a range of rewarding roles. Mentors discussed transferable skills, implicit skills (also called ‘soft’ skills), the value of a professional network and jobs of the future, and shared their top tips for career success.

Brisbane QLD: 31 Jan 2018 – gallery

Adelaide SA: 30 Nov 2017 – gallery

Melbourne VIC: 16 Nov 2017gallery

Perth WA: 15 Nov 2017 – gallery

IMNIS: Pitching to Industry

Four IMNIS mentees in Victoria’s MedTech-Pharma program left their comfort zone and pitched their research in a well-developed “practice pitch” to a panel of outstanding industry leaders who then provided constructive feedback and mentoring on how the pitch could be refined.

Melbourne VIC:  5 Oct 2017gallery

IMNIS: Effective Mentoring

Senior industry leaders in the MedTech-Pharma sector discussed the art of mentoring and shared their experiences with their peers. Mentors shared how they have overcome hurdles, motivated their mentees and adapted their approach to establish successful mentor-mentee partnerships. Special thanks to FB Rice for sponsoring these events.

Sydney NSW: 22 Feb 2018 – gallery

Melbourne VIC: 14 Sept 2017

IMNIS: 2017 Program Launch

Brisbane QLD: 24 Aug 2017 – gallery

Adelaide SA: 11 Aug 2017 – gallery

Perth WA: 10 Aug 2017 – gallery

Sydney NSW: 24 July 2017 – gallery

Melbourne VIC: 14 June 2017 – gallery