What is Mentorloop?

Mentorloop is an Australian software company that specialises in helping organisations run efficient and successful long-term mentor relationships. Mentorloop’s platform is a ‘one stop shop’ for goal-setting, file-sharing, private chat history, tasks and event invitations, and messaging.

Why do we use Mentorloop?

For Mentees: Mentorloop provides a structured platform to engage with Mentors and facilitate meaningful connections (ideally face-to-face).

For Mentors: Mentorloop ensures a rapid transition from their busy professional lives to mentoring, and back again.

For IMNIS: Mentorloop is a cost-effective and efficient way to empower our participants to do what they do best – build positive mentor/mentee relationships that change lives and benefit the STEM community in Australia. Importantly, Mentorloop also facilitates data collection. IMNIS needs to confidentially track mentor-mentee interactions to ensure mentoring is active and follow-up if needed. IMNIS cannot see conversations, just that an interaction has occurred (or not). Mentorloop also forms the basis for our Alumni database.

“Why not simply make a formal introduction between the two people and leave them to it?”

To be a part of IMNIS you would have already achieved significant success in your academic or professional life.

For many people, this success has, in part, come about thanks to the help of a great teacher, an encouraging family member or an inspirational co-worker. Yet for every successful connection, there are countless examples where people development and mentoring fall by the wayside over time.

Mentorloop can’t replace years of professional experience or the power of a single great conversation, however, through the new features covered below, it will help facilitate and maintain those important Mentee/Mentor conversations.

“How has your feedback improved Mentorloop?”

Mentorloop was used during the IMNIS pilot programs. While much of the feedback was positive, Mentorloop valued and embraced constructive feedback and have made significant changes since the original pilot.

Mentorloop took action in response to three key feedback points:

Point 1:

Feedback: I didn’t use the service much after the initial match”

Action: Mentorloop improved the on-boarding process to help participants better understand and use the service from day 1. This includes streamlined user interface, seamless product introduction (see video) and ‘Get Started’ articles with more information.

Point 2:

Feedback: “I see the purpose of it but I’m not sure it meets my needs”

Action: Mentorloop have simplified the platform layout while adding: an expanded library of resources such as a Mentor Checklist (to help kick-start the relationship), tailored notifications, live chat, and new features such as Tasks (to help progress the relationship).

Point 3:

Feedback: General access challenges

Action: As a champion of STEM in Australia, IMNIS was one of the first customers of Mentorloop – part of this future-focused leadership meant uncovering small but important areas of software improvement for the Australian context (e.g. notifications via the web app not sending under certain circumstances or general website accessibility). Mentorloop has worked with IMNIS and acted on all of this feedback to improve the stability and accessibility of the platform. Mentorloop is now working with more clients than ever before so further improvements will be rapid and ongoing.

“What new features can I look forward to?”

There is a range new features to help IMNIS program coordinators to be more effective and supportive.

The major improvements for mentee/mentors will be greater flexibility through email integration (requested by 80% of pilot users, due in July), greater integration, and additional communication tools to help facilitate and manage ongoing relationships (due in Q3 2017).

Mentorloop aims to find the balance between being proactive/useful and being non-intrusive – as such, users are not expected to use every tool – the goal is to provide maximum value for all users with minimum effort. This ensures the best outcome for IMINS and its members.

“I’m too busy to learn a new platform, do I have to use it?”

The Mentorloop platform is important for IMNIS to ideally match participants and track the success of partnerships. Communication between mentors and mentees is private; however, the volume and time of interactions are recorded to best assess the high-level health and activity of the program year-on-year.

You don’t need to use every aspect Mentorloop but registration and participation are required for IMNIS to include you. Additionally, your mentor or mentee may find certain aspects of the service incredibly useful, even if you do not (e.g. To save summaries of goals and outcomes for reference prior to meetings).

Do you have questions or feedback?

Australia is ranked lowest among OECD nations in collaboration between business-research collaborations – not just large businesses, but also small to medium enterprises (SMEs) – so it’s critical to our economy that we get this program right.

Several mini-tutorials covering Mentorloop tasks, tips and tricks are available here. If you have any questions not covered above, please reach out to either your IMNIS Program Coordinator or Mentorloop directly.

Nathan Ainsworth, Client Success Manager, Mentorloop