Tara Parish, international intellectual property (IP) innovation law expert and mentor in Queensland

Tara J Parish is an international intellectual property (IP) innovation law expert, and community and business advisor on emerging technologies. Tara is a senior registered patent attorney, and registered trade marks attorney, with more than 20 years international experience advising multinationals, SMEs, Start-ups, community networks and individuals on how best to protect their IP rights, and how this can develop their business products and brand. Her multi-discipline qualifications and experience, include in particular science, from her first degree, engineering, business and (IP) law, and give her a unique and valuable perspective.

She can consider and advise on a wide range of legal, scientific, technical, business and other topics, including patents for inventions, innovation, start-ups, commercialisation, branding, due diligence, risk avoidance, budget management and business strategy, for example. Her experience includes the following industries: agriculture; construction; energy generation; Government; health; medical research (including biotechnology, methods of treatment, and medical devices); mining; recreation; research organisations; safety; software; sport; and universities.

As a partner of an IP law firm in Sydney and then as founder TJIP Patents Trade Marks Designs in 2009 Tara has developed strong business skills, including operation, processes, human resources and financial management. As an approved Advisory Board Advisor Tara has extended her skills for advising others. Through her extensive community memberships and networks, including Chamber of Commerce and Start-up Meetup group organiser with nearly 300 members and local business groups she advises at all levels of business.

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