Roy Layfield, Respiratory Sales Specialist at Olympus Australia and mentor in the MedTech-Pharma program in QLD.

Graduating in 1987 from the University of Central Lancashire (UK) with a high honours Degree in Biochemistry & Physiology, I then completed my PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Sheffield (Krebs Institute; 1990), investigating and unravelling the pathway for regulation of gene transcription, using mouse Proline-Rich-Protein (PRP) models.

In December of that year I moved to Brisbane where I took up the first of two Post-Doctoral Research roles at Qld University, St. Lucia – Initially working on the role of transketolase and genetic abnormalities seemingly associated with ‘Wernicke-Korsakoff’ syndrome (where I was recognized among the ‘Top 5 Young Qld Scientists’ during the 1992 annual AMP Medical Research Awards), and then moving on to work with a novel set of ‘HMG-box’ type genes, that were thought to play a role in inflammation.

When the funding dried up, I left research altogether and moved into sales.  Quickly succeeding in a commission-only sales role with SCIA, I soon climbed the corporate ranks to become State Sales Manager (first in Qld and then NSW).  It was here that I first learned to hone my people skills and develop a keen understanding of business management, but still I yearned for a role that would allow me to combine both sales and science.

In January 1998 I embarked upon my journey into the wonderful world of Medical Sales – a field in which I have excelled and performed to the max for over 21 years, in various roles, and with numerous organisations.  From my very first ‘Hospital & Specialist’ sales role with Parke-Davies, and through several years with Pfizer, I simultaneously created, and ran, a training business in which we held monthly courses across the country to assist others who also wanted a medical sales career (Meditech).  Then taking a role with 3M Healthcare as their Qld State Sales Manager, I lead my team to success and won a prestigious ‘Global Sales & Marketing Award’ for the launch of a product used to treat skin cancers.  I was subsequently promoted to Regional Sales Manager until the company sold out their medical division some time later.

Then, I helped various start-up companies to launch new pharmaceutical products, and eventually found Olympus Australia, a giant in the medical imaging space, where I work to this day!  With 6 very successful years in the endoscopy consumables business, and now 6 years as the ‘Respiratory Sales Specialist’ for Qld (both capital and consumable), I continue to provide case support and specialised training for new technologies in Respiratory medicine; still honing and developing my own skills in the medical device & consumables markets, whilst teaching others through a range of publications and online training courses to do the same!

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