Dr Richard Huysmans, Speaker, Author, Trainer and IMNIS mentor.

Dr Richard Huysmans runs a small business – what he calls a practice – helping researchers and PhD students make the most of their training and experience for a better career. He’s worked with every Victorian university and many across Australia. He knows what it takes to transition out of academia, into entrepreneurship, having done so himself. He has helped 100s of researchers, and is equally adept at building grant success, growing collaboration, engaging industry & obtaining funding. His strategic approach brings the research and business sectors together to ensure careers have impact.

He works with researchers & entrepreneurs in roles such as Research Manager, Centre & Institute Director, Deputy & Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research & Faculty Manager. Recent projects have included building research teams, translating research into practice, engaging industry & establishing & reviewing research centres.

After hours, you can find him on a soccer field, futsal court or gym. But, being COVID-restricted and all, these days the focus is home brewed beer, drums and the garden.

You can find Richard on: