Natalie Rickers, International Marketing Lead – Invitae and IMNIS mentor

With a strong background in science, and 15 years experience in the biotech industry, I bring an astute business acumen, and a passion for sales and marketing. After completing my PhD at the University of Manchester in Molecular Microbiology, I spent two years in Lausanne, Switzerland as a post-doc. Upon moving to Adelaide, I started my career with a small biotech company, GeneWorks, where I represented up to 13 companies to help grow their market presence in Australia. One of those companies was DNA Genotek – a Canadian biotech company famous for bringing DNA saliva collection devices to the market. After leaving GeneWorks to go on maternity leave, I started work for DNA Genotek directly as their account manager for Aus and NZ. Over 10 years, I managed the Asia Pacific region developing distributor models and channel partnerships whilst opening up markets in Aus / NZ including research, commercial, direct to consumer, clinical diagnostics, HLA (bone marrow donor), agricultural / animal and infectious disease markets.

In 2017, DNA Genotek relocated my family to Ottawa, Canada where I was tasked with bringing a new faecal microbiome collection device to the market and leading the global sales. Over three years, I grew a team and our sales to $11M per annum. In this role, I worked in a cross-functional role with marketing, product development and regulatory teams to grow revenue year over year. I was responsible for identifying, developing and launching new products onto the market, analysing market trends, monitoring competitor activities, and developing marketing strategies to increase market penetration. I implemented and maintained budgeting, operational and profit objectives achieving quarter over quarter revenue growth. In April 2019, I changed gears and started work for a San Francisco based clinical genetic testing company, Invitae, as the lead for International Marketing. Invitae has a market cap of $3.2B and a mission to bring genetic testing into mainstream medical practice by lowering the barriers for clinicians and patients to obtain genetic information. I work for Invitae from home in Adelaide.

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