Dr Lil Pantelic, Associate Director at Syrinx Environmental and mentor in WA.

Dr Lil Pantelic is an applied scientist and sustainability practitioner with a background in human health as a microbiologist in her early career, and in environmental health and sustainability for the past 12 years. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and Master’s degree in cancer research at the University of Belgrade. After starting her postgraduate studies in Berlin (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics) she moved to Australia where she completed her PhD in virology and immunology in the study of infectious diseases at UWA in 2005. She moved to a private research and applied science practice (Syrinx) in 2006 to work on projects that use science as the underpinning foundation to make a difference to community health and wellbeing and the environment we live in. Since that time she has worked on many first of a kind projects in sustainable remediation, alternative water supplies, blue-green infrastructure, as well as the translation of science into strategic decision tools to help clients navigate complex choices. She is currently Director of a new start-up Company (Catalyst Sustainability Tools) and Associate Director – science, sustainability and health at Syrinx.

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