Karen Richardson, Volunteer Clinical Trial Consultant – Charlie Teo Foundation and IMNIS mentor.

I am a clinical research project manager and have over 15 years experience in the clinical research industry, having worked in Australia and the UK, for multiple pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organisations. I have project managed numerous, large- and small-scale, multi-national clinical research projects and my experience spans early phase first-in-human/patient studies to very large and complex Phase III registration studies. I have worked in variety of clinical indications but my interest lies in oncology. My current post is as a volunteer Clinical Trial Consultant to the Charlie Teo Foundation for brain cancer assisting them with developing and setting up their clinical trial platform.

My academic background is BSc(Hons) in biology and chemistry, and I also have a MSc in Equine Science. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to mentor post-graduate students in academic and scientific skills, and mentor budding/junior project managers to develop and refine their project management skills. This has formed a very enjoyable and rewarding part of my career.

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