Dr Emma Gallaher, Science Communications Lead at Opyl Ltd and IMNIS mentor in VIC.

Dr Emma Gallaher is the Science Communications Lead at Opyl Ltd, a health informatics ASX listed business that operates at the intersection of social media, artificial intelligence and health. She is a STEM qualified science communicator and translator, with experience spanning academia and industry, who unlocks research discoveries to accelerate the improvement of patient outcomes, clinical trials, healthcare and policy. Emma uses deep analytics, artificial intelligence and sophisticated content creation strategies with her clients in the biopharmaceutical, medtech, biotech and health industries to do this. Emma is on a learning pathway to accelerate her leadership potential, gather executive skills in organisational and personal transformation strategies. She is a skilled presenter and educator, delivering workshops, education programs and executive coaching.

Emma’s educational background includes an undergraduate in Sport and Exercise Science (Honours) from Deakin University, a PhD in Sport and Exercise Science from Victoria University, postgraduate business studies at the Queensland University of Technology and data science studies at Monash University. She has worked for AFL clubs, the Australian Institute of Sport, universities and in sports science laboratories. However, she’s never felt more at home than she does now in science communications.

You can find Emma on: