Daniele Pelliccia, Director – Instruments & Data Tools Pty Ltd and IMNIS mentor

Daniele (Daniel) Pelliccia is a physicist and entrepreneur. Founder of Instruments & Data Tools working at the interface between sensors, analytics and mobile data acquisitions. Founder of Rubens Technologies, the intelligence system for the fresh fruit industry.

Daniel started his career in Europe in quantum information and synchrotron imaging science. In Australia since late 2009, Daniel was Research Fellow at Monash University, then ARC DECRA Fellow from 2012 working on x-ray microscopy and phase-contrast imaging.

Subsequently he has been Research Fellow at RMIT University and the Australian Synchrotron working on x-ray and medical imaging developing the concept of low-dose imaging for soft tissue.

Daniel became a full-time entrepreneur in 2016 working in sensor technology development, machine learning methods for spectroscopy and agtech applications.

You can find Daniel on: