Chris Wilson, Managing Director at IPro Australia and mentor in South Australia.

Chris’ diverse background in consultancy and mentoring packs a mean punch when it comes to working with elite performers. This covers Military, Elite Sports, Performing Arts and Corporate Athletes. He is proof that following the right systems and using data to make informed decisions catapult your team’s engagement, productivity and outcomes.
Spending the early part of his career working with developing future leaders Chris identified that a necessary part of the success plan is to improve the individual’s performance capacity. Achieved by adapting the capacity in three key areas: physical, mental and emotional capacity required to perform their role. Chris has developed his focus on these three key components to reduce the risk of burnout!

How Chris Helps:

  • Map the workplace stress with our unique point of care stress kits
  • Measure EXACTLY how stressed you are and what you should do
  • Create a tailored strategy for you to make the biggest impact
  • Nurture a Culture of Well Being so you may thrive
  • Reduce the financial burden of absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Support you through mentoring, consulting and facilitating to a winning formula
  • Allow you to grow strength in your mental and physical game

How he does it:

  •  Immersive Masterclass session covering IPro Stress Mastery Programmes; Online, round-tables or face-to-face
  • Facilitated strategy sessions to keep the drive and focus on key positive growth areas
  • Interactive coaching sessions using mixed media delivery (you pick your preferred method)
  • Utilise our global team to give you access to the world leaders (interdisciplinary methods)

You can find Chris on: