Andrew Woodhams is a process engineer and a Fellow of the IChemE, who has worked in hydrocarbon related activities for more than 25 years. He is a passionate advocate for the positive contribution the oil and gas business continues to make in improving the health, wealth and longevity of the world’s population. Andrew has built his career around a deep technical understanding of the components of business value chains and have a strong interest in people. He spent 17 years at BP, enjoying a privileged insight into the oil and gas business, including co-ordinating the upstream gas and downstream gas, power and renewables technology programme. As an independent consultant, he is presently supporting the work of National Energy Resources Australia (the oil and gas, coal and uranium growth centre), in the area of standardizing the use of international standards. Andrew is keen to help mentees discover a connection with industry issues relevant to their field of expertise and as a mentor, support IMNIS in enhancing Australia’s collective capability.