IMNIS Mentee Yujie Liang

IMNIS Mentee Yujie Liang

Yujie Liang is a second-year PhD candidate at the TD school of University of Technology Sydney (formerly named Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation) under the International Research Scholarship and UTS President’s Scholarship. She has the Master of Professional Accounting (2019) graduate degree of UTS and has been part of the teaching and development projects including:

Co-author of an internal applied research report: The Sustainable University: An evidence-based framework:

This report describes a framework to help UTS become more sustainable, which assists with achieving UTS’s mission to become a world-leading university, and accomplish its medium and long-term aspirations on carbon neutrality and STGs goal.

Business strategy and accounting adviser and mentor in an undergraduate subject:

In the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation degree: 81516 Initiatives and Entrepreneurship (2019; 2020).

Co-supervision of an honors project (principal supervisor Dr. Paul Brown):

The honors project has contributed as one part of the six honors project, particularly aiming at building an evaluation framework using the case study of not-for-profit entities on sustainability projects.

Research Assistant – TD framework of publication productive project.

Yujie’s Ph.D. Research project titled: Towards a better understanding of regulatory mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: An integrated modeling approach, focuses on building an integrated assessment model to develop an optimal theory of evaluation systems for emission reduction policy under the Australian agriculture industry context. The current focus is on Nitrogen emission.

Its use the analysis of shadow costing to evaluate sustainability performance and co-production of knowledge theory to keep close with industry practitioners experiences and closely linked to Environmental Management Accounting.