Tomalika Ullah, mentee in the 2020 IMNIS program in VIC (Monash University)

I am a current second year PhD student in the Hudson institute of Medical research. My PhD project is based on the effects of modulation of DNA damage mediated inflammation and immunity through flavonoid compounds as potential drug targets.

I graduated from Imperial College London, UK for my MSc in Human Molecular Genetics under commonwealth scholarship (2016) and also from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh for my MSc in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (2014). I did my bachelors in the same field (2010). Before commencing my PhD at Monash University in 2018, I joined as a lecturer and research associate in the same University in Bangladesh from where I graduated (Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Dhaka). I had the teaching experience for one year and eight months there. The courses that I was teaching the undergrad students included GMOs, Biosafety Regulations and Environmental Management, Advanced Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Diseases along with Practical and laboratory techniques. I am currently on leave.

For my research experience, I was involved in an in-silico structural analysis of Snake venom. I was also involved in the characterization of HIF1A gene polymorphism in the susceptibility of diabetes and hypertension in Bangladeshi population and establishing the first Biobank in Bangladesh as part of this work in collaboration with BIRDEM general hospital.

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