Thomas Hedl, mentee in the 2019 MedTech-Pharma program in QLD (University of Queensland)

Thomas Hedl attained his Master of Research (Biomedical Science) and Bachelor in Medical Sciences from Macquarie University between the years 2013-2017. He is currently a PhD student investigating mechanisms behind motor neuron disease under Dr Adam Walker at Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland.

His research involves identifying proteins that co-aggregate alongside TDP-43 in motor neurons via proteomics. For this project he utilises a number of cellular models as well as a transgenic mouse model with TDP-43 expression developed by Dr Adam Walker. Once identified, these proteins can be used as a benchmark to understand the biological pathways affected by motor neuron disease and elucidate disease mechanisms.

Thomas believes that by encouraging new experiences, we can all make strides towards personal growth, development and propensity for self-reflection. He is highly motivated with a craving for education, inspired by his passion to learn from all opportunities.

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