Stephanie Black, mentee in the 2019 IMNIS program in WA (UWA).

A mature age student, I decided to go back to university for a PhD to “future-proof” my career. With degrees in physics and psychology, I now study full-time for a PhD in Psychology at UWA.

My PhD research investigates options to improve human performance in high risk and technologically complex environments and is part of the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Human Performance Research Network (HPRNet).

I am both personally and professionally interested in the future of work in the face of increasing automation and the challenges posed by the juxtaposition of the exponentially increasing technological complexity of the workplace with the finite cognitive resources of the human workforce.

Through my previous career and now my PhD research I have been involved with statistics and data science. Last year I had the privilege to attend the Complex Human Data Summer School in Melbourne which helped me to re-calibrate my mathematics and statistics skills to apply to complex human behavioural data.

I also work one day a week as quality manager for a technology cooperative.