Sri Vanarasi, mentee in the 2020-21 program in VIC (Monash University)

I am a Pharmaceutical Chemist by background with a Masters degree in Medicinal Chemistry. I completed my PhD in Materials Engineering with Monash University and CSIRO in a joint industrial training program and my research project dealt with the development of a novel drug delivery system against brain defensive mechanisms. I have worked at CSIRO as a research assistant on part time basis during my Ph.D studies and worked on developing a library of purified chemical compounds for CSIRO compound library.

I am currently working at Monash as a research fellow undertaking contract research for an external industrial client in novel product development. I also train final year undergraduate students in laboratory techniques and supervise them in their research projects. I am interested in learning more about developing, networking and maintaning long term professional relationships, commercial acumen,  industrial research & strategy, skills required to become a professional consultant in research strategy and policy making.

You can find Sri on: