Siew Beh, mentee in the MedTech-Pharma program at RMIT University, VIC


Siew Joo Beh is a PhD student in the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at RMIT University. She received Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Immunology from University of Melbourne (2008), Honours in Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science from Monash University (2009) and Master of Biotechnology from University of Melbourne (2016). She is a recipient of Research Training Program Scholarship in 2018. Siew’s research focus is on developing photonic biosensors for blood-related diagnosis and point-of-care devices.


Siew has a passion for science communication, particularly through art illustration and games, and is also a self-taught digital artist who does freelancing work in her free time. She aims to connect the general public with STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics and simplify the way we learn and identify science problems through art and games.