Samuel Nitschke, mentee in the 2020-21 program in SA (University of South Australia).

PhD Candidate

Clinical and Health Sciences

University of South Australia

HIB, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

+61 458 203 652

I am currently a PhD student in the Clinical and Health Sciences academic unit at the University of South Australia. My skills are focused on using synthetic organic chemistry as a tool to develop novel antibacterial compounds to help treat infectious diseases.

PhD Project Description:

Functionalisation of a coumarin framework for the development of novel membrane-active antibacterial agents. The functionalisation of coumarin with hydrophilic and hydrophobic constituents will generate a series of membrane-active antibacterial amphiphiles. Activity will be assessed using minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the mechanism of action of active compounds will be determined.


2018: Bachelor of Biomedical Research (First Class Honours), University of South Australia.

2017: Bachelor of Medical Science, University of South Australia.

Work Experience:

Current: Demonstrator (Synthetic Chemistry).

2019-Current: Tutor (Chemistry 100).

2018-Current: Tutor (Chemistry 101).

2018: Demonstrator (Chemistry 100).

2017: Demonstrator (Chemistry 100).

2014-Current: Woolworths Stocktake Assistant.

You can find Samuel on: