IMNIS Mentee Samodha Pallewatta

Samodha is a Ph.D. student of the CLOUDS lab in the School of Computing and Information Systems. Prior to starting her Ph.D. in February 2019, she completed my Bsc in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and then worked as a Software Engineer for 2 years in Sri Lanka. Her Ph.D. project focuses on, Application Scheduling in Edge/Fog computing environments focusing mainly on microservices-based IoT applications. Her focus is on developing novel algorithms that can be used to efficiently deploy and scale applications within Edge/Fog environments taking QoS requirements into consideration. As Edge computing is a novel concept of extending Cloud services towards the edge of the network, she addresses novel challenges introduced by Edge computing. During her research, she works with Cloud technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes etc. and different algorithms including heuristics, metaheuristics and learning-based algorithms. As Edge computing is a novel concept, Samodha is eager to learn how developments made in research and industry can cooperate to harvest the full potential of Edge computing in the context of the Internet of Things.