IMMNIS Mentee Ruby Hume

Ruby is currently undertaking my PhD at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus, working on a Primary Industries-led project that focuses on managing the issue of soil acidification in cropping regions around the state. Her focus is on the application of infrared spectroscopy as a management tool for this ongoing problem. After completing her undergraduate degree (Bsc- Natural Resources and Diploma of Languages – Spanish), she spent a year abroad and returned to begin her Honours in soil science at the Waite.

Following from that, she worked briefly as a lab technician at the uni before applying for a GRDC-funded Project, for which she was successful. While she never expected to end up in the world of agricultural research, she is very happy to be here and is learning a lot.

The idea of regenerative agriculture is appealing to Ruby, as is the role that soils can play in carbon sequestration. She hopes to move in this direction in the future but also like to keep various options open as that is how she has arrived where she is, and she is very happy to be here!

Ruby is involved in a number of science communication and education programs and love working with school students and undergrad students to explain various soil- and science- related concepts. In addition to her studies, she has worked with small children (3-ish yrs old) as a swimming instructor and kindergym leader for the past 10 years. Teaching and working with young people is something that she loves and hope to continue, at some capacity, into the future.