Roberto Cier, mentee in the 2020-21 program in WA (Curtin University).

I am a Peruvian civil engineer finishing my second year of my Ph.D. at Cutin University under the supervision of Victor Calo. Before coming to Perth, I worked for three years as a geotechnical consultant, focused on the numerical modeling and design of geotechnical structures in civil engineering (foundations, piles, slopes, reinforced walls, etc.) and mining industry (open-pit and underground operations). My industrial background also includes dynamic analysis and seismic evaluation performance of earth structures, tailing dams and mine waste dumps in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. Currently, my Ph.D. project is focused on numerical modeling of localized deformation in geomaterials, related to the enhancement of current techniques for prediction of both deformation patterns in porous rocks and mineralization paths in geological formations.

I would like to work in a research and development position in the industry, where I have the possibility of delivering some outcomes in academia, but also contributing to bringing added value to my workplace. Finally, I would like to have a job that allows me to keep in contact with the university and do some part-time teaching.

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