Puneet Verma, mentee in the 2018 Energy-Minerals program in QLD (QUT).

Puneet aspires to be a leading professional in fuels quality characterisation and operations management. Puneet Verma submitted his doctoral thesis in vehicle fuels and emission characteristics at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. Prior to this, he received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Punjab Technical University, India in 2014 and master’s degree in Energy Systems at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee India in 2016. For his research career, Puneet has been actively exploring feasibility of bio-based alternate fuels in diesel engines by studying their production parameters, fuel properties and engine performance and emission characteristics.

During his PhD, Puneet studied how the chemical composition of the fuel, we use in diesel engines (i.e. biodiesels), influences the morphology and nanostructure of diesel soot particles. These are properties that are important for the performance of diesel particle filters and diesel oxidation catalyst, which are after treatment devices installed in all modern diesel cars. Puneet was very active in a number of research campaigns conducted in the Biofuel Engine Research Facility (BERF) and International Laboratory of Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) and has produced an impressive number of publications. Puneet was an instrumental member of the BERF and ILAQH laboratories and was also very active in few commercial research projects with important industry partners such as Puma Energy and IOR Petroleum.

In addition to his involvement in research and teaching activities, Puneet has been actively taking part in cultural and technical societies. He served as President of Cultural Society of India at QUT (CSIQ) and as a community ambassador for AFL Queensland for two years. He was also an active member of QUT SCAP sports grant committee and Mechanical engineering student society. More recently, he was chosen as Postgraduate Student Officer through university-wide student elections in 2018.

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