IMNIS Mentee Parisa Zamani

Parisa is a Ph.D. Scholar of Material Engineering, and her project focused on the Development of Recyclable and Sustainable Polymer Carbon Fibre Composites at Institute of Frontier Material and Carbon Nexus (Deakin University). The key subjects of her project include:

Recyclable polymer, Renewable materials, Circular economy, Sustainability, Bio based materials and Carbon Fibre Polymer Composites.

The first study of her project aims to design a close-loop process to fabricate high performance and fire-retardant Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers from renewable materials in which both polymer and carbon fibres can be recycled and reused with almost similar properties with original polymer and fibres.

She completed a Master of Science degree focusing on Preparation of Multi Absorption and Multi Regions Nanocomposite of Microwave-Infrared Based on Polyaniline.

Parisa’s professional goal is to be a part of an innovative team as a material engineer to improve the application, properties, and structures of composite materials to create new or advanced ones that meet certain mechanical, and chemical requirements used to create a range of products in aircraft and automotive industries.

You can connect with Parisa here: