Nicolas Agustin Labanda, mentee in the 2020-21 program in WA (Curtin University).

I am a Civil Engineer and Doctor of Engineering (Computational Mechanic oriented), currently working as Research Fellow at Curtin University. As part of my research activities, I have published in conferences and international journals in subjects concerning numerical modeling, constitutive modeling, fracture and damage mechanics, structural analysis and numerical geotechnics. Currently, I am working in the Computational Mathematics Laboratory at Curtin, led by Prof. Victor Calo, developing stabilized mathematical formulations and computational algorithms to solve partial differential equations for engineering applications, mainly solid and fluid mechanics. I also collaborate as a lecturer in the graduate school at Buenos Aires University in the following courses: Numerical Geotechnics I and II and Constitutive Modelling of Cohesive-Frictional Materials.

As a Senior Consultant in SRK Consulting, I have worked with design, analysis and modeling of geotechnical structures like urban tunnels and underground spaces, tailings dams, huge excavations, quays, foundations and development of mathematical models and computational codes for industrial applications. My professional experience includes collapsing analysis of structures under blast loads using hydro-codes, design and analysis of concrete/steel structures for mining and cement facilities. I have participated in engineering projects for civil infrastructure, mining, and cement industry in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Armenia and Australia.

I moved to Australia this year and I would like to know people of the local industry, their working culture, needs, projects and thoughts about the future in order to detect new opportunities to add value and close the gap between industry and academy.

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