Nick Hong Seng Lee, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in QLD (The University of Queensland) Image: Ms Siobhan Remy, AIBN UQ

Nick is currently a final year Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, where he focuses on understanding electrical properties of skin during healthy and diseased states and developing skin-interfacing microdevices for early detection of invasive cutaneous melanoma. Prior to his PhD, he received his Biomedical Engineering degree (Hons I) from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and has also worked in a number of research roles in areas including MRI force sensor design and biomechanical studies of the knee.

Nick is a strong advocate for bridging the gap between academia and industry and has created initiatives to facilitate career transition from research to industry for the postgraduate communities. He is also passionate about voluntary/humanitarian work, having previously led a number of student bodies and non-profit organisations, such as the Red Cross and Engineers Without Borders to deliver youth development initiatives and refugee programs. Few highlights include co-founded the inaugural UQ STEM Postgraduate Careers Evening for the Brisbane postgraduate community, which featured an interview with Dr Alan Finkel (Chief Scientist of Australia), coordinated teams of volunteers for the International Conference on BioNano Innovation featuring Nobel laureate Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, and winning the first university-wide Postgraduate Club of the Year with his team.

While he has built strong research and technical skillsets, Nick has always been interested in commercial applications of advanced medical devices in the healthcare industry. His goal is to create a successful career in medical devices using his soft skills and technical abilities.

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