Negar Nili, mentee in the Energy Minerals Resources program in WA (Curtin University)

I received my Master degree in architecture from Guilan University, the national university in my country, IRAN. I worked in consulting engineer company as a Head of Architectural department for 6 years. I also worked in a construction site, which was a residential complex, for 2 years. I applied for PhD degree; I have started my study at Curtin University from March 2108.

My research study intends to investigate how technology can be used to improve active mobility in Australian cities. It focuses on Active Transportation Infrastructure (ATI) elements as one of the main factors of transportation system. The ATI is the physical features of active transportation mode (e.g. width and quality of pathway, cycle track, bike lane) and the social and behavioural aspects of this mode of transportation. The research findings will provide new and updated knowledge for designers, urban planners, and decision makers on the design system to use technology for future SmATI.

During last year I was my supervisor’s assistance to write an article about cycling in Australia. This article assessed the most important criteria for cycling in successful cities and demonstrated how Australian cities would learn and apply them according to their vernacular condition.

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