Nazanin Mohebali, mentee in the 2019 MedTech-Pharma program in VIC (The University of Melbourne)

I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from Karaj Azad University and my Master’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Science and Culture in Iran. I worked as a lab technician in Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC) in a human and animal cell bank for almost two years before I started my PhD. Finding myself passionate about structural biology, I started my PhD in Isabelle Rouiller Lab at Bio21 institute in 2018 with the aim to continue learning new techniques such as cryo-electron Microscopy.

My research focuses on solving the structure of membrane proteins such as a mechanosensitive ion channel TACAN and a metal-transporter PsaBC. I use cryo-EM as a tool to solve the structure of these proteins to try to understand the mechanism of function of these channels.

I am very passionate about research but I have realised a fact about myself; that research alone does not satisfy my career goals. I want something more. I am now certain that I want to enter industry after my PhD and I want to continue research in the industry environment where there is actually a place for both creativity and productivity every day.

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