IMNIS Mentee Natalie Wall

IMNIS Mentee Natalie Wall

Natalie Wall is a 3rd year PhD candidate at The University of Newcastle and a psychologist with provisional registration. Her PhD focuses on designing and piloting an iPad application which aims at supporting autistic children to better understand facial expressions. Her team uses a mix of psychometric and behavioural measures, including eye-tracking and EEG, to measure the outcomes of the app. She is currently wrapping up her time as part of the Sylvia Rodger Academy – Research Program, where she has learnt and developed skills in co-production with the autistic community.

Natalie was awarded a scholarship to study a Master of Arts at Baylor University (Texas) in 2014. During her degree, Natalie centred her thesis on an examining the effectiveness of an Alternative and Augmentative Communication iPad application for assisting autistic children in school settings.  Upon graduation, Natalie continued to work in research at Abilene Christian University and Texas A&M University, with each project centring on a form of technology.

Following completion of her PhD, Natalie would like to continue working in the translational research space to design and implement evidence-based technology programs that support students of all ages. She would like her clinical work to inform her research work, and vis versa.

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