Marietta Landgraf, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in QLD (QUT)

Marietta completed her bachelor as well as her master degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich. She came to Australia in 2016 for a PhD in the Centre of Regenerative Medicine at QUT. Throughout her scientific education, cancer research has always been the common thread. Marietta is particularly interested in the development of more effective anti-cancer therapeutics and the advancement of preclinical model systems to trial new cancer treatment strategies with increased translatability. Currently, she is testing promising targeted nanomedicines against breast and prostate cancer in a humanized mouse model for cancer bone metastasis.

As a dedicated scientist, Marietta brings a solid skill set in molecular biology and small animal work combined with a reliable and goal-oriented but open-minded work attitude and lots of experience in international as well as interdisciplinary settings. After the completion of her PhD she plans to continue her research in the pharma-biotech industry, preferably in preclinical drug development, personalized medicine or clinical trials.

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