Len Patrick Garces, mentee in the 2020-21 program in SA (UniSA).

Len Patrick Garces a PhD student at the Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, UniSA STEM, University of South Australia. His research is centered on the use of stochastic volatility and jump-diffusion models in option pricing. Len is also interested in exploring the applications of stochastic modelling in understanding energy markets and its structure and dynamics. Aside from doing his PhD research, he also handles tutorial classes and supervises computer practical sessions for calculus, quantitative methods for business, and business intelligence courses at UniSA.

Prior to joining UniSA in 2018, he held teaching positions at Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines), handling courses on probability and statistics, econometrics, mathematical economics, financial mathematics, and financial risk modelling. He also has actively participated in government-funded, interdisciplinary research projects in the Philippines. One of these projects is an impact assessment of school-based feeding programs at elementary schools in the Philippines. Another tackles the development of interactive mobile apps and tools for the Philippine mathematics curriculum. As part of a team of faculty members, Len had also taken part in various consultancy projects in financial risk modelling for major local financial institutions in the Philippines.

Len graduated in 2014 a BSc in Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Finance) and a BA in Economics and from Ateneo de Manila University. He finished his Masters in Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Finance) in 2015 from the same institution.