Kate Secombe, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in SA (The University of Adelaide) Image: Michael Mullan

I am a PhD candidate in the Cancer Treatment Toxicities Group at the University of Adelaide. My research is focussed on understanding the mechanisms of gastrointestinal toxicity following cancer treatments, with a particular focus on the role of the gut microbiome.

I am working towards understanding whether a particular gut microbiome profile prior to cancer treatment determines a patients’ risk of developing gastrointestinal symptoms such as pain, ulceration and diarrhoea as a side effect of treatment. I am interested in personalised cancer care, and believe that each person should be allowed the best care for them. In this vein, I am a member of the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer. I hope my research will lead to the development of biomarkers for gastrointestinal side-effects of cancer treatment, so we can effectively treat cancer, while avoiding distressing side effects.

I aspire to a career where I am able to effect positive change in health care, whether this be in an academic role, or in a strategic, policy based role in government or not-for-profit. To develop my skills in these areas, I am currently on the organising committee for National Science Week in South Australia, and have recently completed an internship in research translation and commercialisation.

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