IMNIS Mentee John Navarro Devia

IMNIS Mentee John Navarro Devia

John Navarro-Devia is a final year PhD candidate in advanced manufacturing, with an interest in topics related to cutting tools, such as hard coatings, condition monitoring, vibrations, machining of aerospace materials, and subtractive manufacturing.

He received a B.E degree in mechatronics engineering and a B.E degree in aeronautics engineering (2011) and a graduate diploma in automation of industrial processes (2012) from Universidad San Buenaventura, Bogota, Colombia. John then obtained a masters degree in mechatronics engineering (2016) from Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, where he worked for 4 years until 2018 as a research assistant. Within this role, projects were focused on materials engineering in advanced manufacturing applications, specifically hard coatings for cutting tools and tribology.

Since Oct 2018 John has been pursuing a PhD degree in manufacturing engineering technology. His current research is on intelligent chatter detection (resonance/vibrations) and tool condition monitoring for aerospace materials (Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V) end milling, using data-driven and multi-sensor approaches. In this research, he is using MATLAB for data processing and a cutter from SUTTON TOOLS, Australian manufacturing.

He has authored six publications in international journals and presented in a range of international conferences held in the USA, Colombia and Mexico. His work has been cited by different scientific articles in the world, and as a consequence of it, he has an h-index 4 in GoogleScholar.

Currently, he is peer-reviewing articles for The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, a publication of Springer-Nature, in topics surrounding material removal processes, hard coatings for cutting tools, intelligent manufacturing, and tool condition monitoring for machining applications. Over the last 2 years, he has assessed 25 scientific drafts submitted to this journal.

He is an ASME and RAES student member