Jason Hunter, mentee in the 2020-21 program in SA (University of Adelaide).

Jason is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide who is developing probabilistic models of streamflow, so that the decisions that are made about our water resources can be better informed.  He has also worked with artificial neural networks (research paper), optimisation of water pipe networks (undergraduate honours research) and non-probabilistic models of streamflow.  Part of his work is currently being packaged for use by the South Australian Department of Environment & Water, where it will be integrated into state modelling processes.  Due to his outstanding work on probabilistic models during his undergraduate and early PhD career, Jason was selected to participate in the 2018-19 Australian Energy and Water Exchange (OzEWEX) initiative, which promotes collaboration between researchers, research users and research managers.

Prior to starting the undergraduate honours degree in 2014 that would lead into a PhD, Jason developed skills in teamwork, leadership, communication and work excellence through competitive e-gaming (now retired), and developed his passion for creative writing through studying Arts at Western Sydney University in 2007-2009.

Jason is also a mentor with the Pinnacle Foundation, which supports younger university-level students who have been disadvantaged by their gender or sexuality.

You can find Jason on: