Ifechukwu Michaels, mentee in the 2019 IMNIS program in WA (Curtin University)

I am currently running a PhD at the Department of Petroleum Engineering of Curtin University, with a focus on wear mechanisms of polycrystalline diamond compact, PDC bits for oil, gas, and mineral drilling. I am also a casual academic tutor handling tutorials and laboratory demonstrations for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Petroleum Engineering Department.

Prior to moving over to Australia to restart my PhD research, I had lectured for six years in a University down in Nigeria. I handled courses such as; oil and gas production engineering, petroleum economics, and undergraduate engineering mathematics. I was also active in research in the area of artificial lift systems and intelligent completions for oil and gas wells. I also was an adviser and mentor figure to my students.

I aspire to develop in-depth expertise in drilling engineering and make valuable contributions to the oil, gas, and solid minerals sectors in Australia.