Harry Carpenter, mentee in the 2020-21 program in SA (University of Adelaide).

After spending most of my childhood farming on Kangaroo Island, my focus shifted to elite cycling and representing Australia on the world stage. I applied those unique experiences in adapting to change to continued academic success while following a passion for sustainable development and entrepreneurship; experiences which strengthened a belief in the power of diversity and multi-disciplinary thinking.

After facing my own heart problems, I decided to undertake a PhD focusing on developing computer models capable of accurately predicting the onset of heart attacks. As an engineer, my thesis uses medical imaging to reconstruct these patient specific models of the coronary vasculature and parts of the heart that are biomechanically analysed to determine areas of potential vulnerability to disease. I was awarded a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship for the duration of these studies. I am motivated to leverage entrepreneurship to drive economic development and diversification in Australia and am intrigued on how we can better develop and commercialise Australia’s world leading research for the benefit of everyday Australians. As my last name might suggest, I also love woodworking, and particularly favour hand carving my own wooden bowties.

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