Goruck Soubans, mentee in the 2019 Energy-Minerals Resources program in Western Australia, Murdoch University.

At a young age, Goruck had a passion to discover the world and was fascinated by science, especially the earth sciences. When finishing school, Goruck found that he wanted to have a career that would simultaneously allow him to apply and expand his scientific and engineering knowledge and skills whist bringing meaningful changes to improve his own life, society at large and the environment.

Goruck completed his Bachelor’s and Honour’s Degree in Chemical and Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Mauritius. During and after his undergraduate studies, he has worked for almost a year as a chemical technician in the field of water testing and analysis for approval of drinking water supplies and treatment of wastewater in industry.

Currently he is doing doctoral research at Murdoch University in the field of investigative combustion chemistry for environmental and industrial applications employing laboratory and computational methods as well as developing remote miniature air sampling technology on drones aimed at air pollution control.

You can contact Goruck via email