Francisca Rodriguez, mentee in the 2019 Energy-Minerals Resources program in QLD (QUT)

Francisca is a PhD Candidate with the Luminous Environments Group (CI, School of Design, QUT – Australia), MSc in Architectural Lighting Design (KTH – Sweden), and Ba Architecture (UTFSM – Chile), with expertise on view analysis, daylight simulation, artificial lighting, and sustainable design. Francisca is currently developing a quantitative framework to assess changes in views under daylight, by proposing the use of a systematic approach from computer vision to classify views, collecting panoramic time-lapse photography in real settings, and evaluating light variations with basic routines in Matlab.

Francisca has 10+ years’ experience as lighting designer and as independent lighting consultant. In 2016 she was invited to participate as specialist consultant for elaborating the Sustainable Code for Housing in Chile (MINVU). Her role was researching lighting standards for ensuring sustainable practices through the life-cycle of architectural projects (design-construction-occupation), and leading expert panels all over the country.

Along with her research interests, Francisca has been involved on developing social and sustainable prototypes in Chile, aiming to improve life quality of the elders and the disabled through peer collaborative technologies. In 2016 she raised over 150K AUD for co-creating Accecity, a Mobile geolocation prototype for evaluating the state of pedestrian routes in terms of accessibility, allowing real-time updates through collaborative participation [Funding lines: Social Innovation Prototypes, CORFO (2017); Valparaiso Smart City, CORFO (2016)]. The prototype was recognized with the INNOVATON award, as an outstanding design solution for disabled people (Teleton Foundation).

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