IMNIS Mentee Fiza Mughal

IMNIS Mentee Fiza Mughal

Fiza is extremely passionate about mental health and machine learning. She loves finding ways to apply modern day technologies to promote a better quality of life.

Fiza completed her Bachelor of Information Technology with Honors in 2015, and she is now doing a PhD in Machine Learning. Her PhD project looks into using modern day technologies such as mobile apps, machine learning and smart devices – particularly fitness trackers, to evaluate user mental health. Her current focus is to integrate these technologies to reduce dependence on others and aid in the mental ageing process for geriatric users that live alone. She has 4+ years of experience as a web developer, and 2+ years of experience working in research roles as well as recent tutoring in Programming (Java).

She would ideally like to work in R&D with companies and organisations that focus on digital health, mental health or the ageing generation.

You can find Fiza on: