Fatemeh Daemi, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in VIC (The University of Melbourne)

I did my undergrad studies in Biology doing biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology and Systematic subjects. I was offered to do my master’s in plant biology for free as I was selected as the top student in my bachelor. I learnt lots of molecular based techniques in my master and supervised research students to do short term projects. I focused on the molecular studies and genetic profile of the genus I worked on.

After my master I worked for 5 years teaching. I did lots of volunteering in the science area. I applied for a PhD position in Neuroscience and moved to Australia in 2015. I am crazy about new techniques and achievements in science mostly in Multiple Sclerosis disease that I work on. I have learnt a lot in Neuroscience now and will submit my thesis in less than 6 months. I still need a lot to learn and am enthusiastic to continue.