Fariba Bagherzadeh, mentee in the 2020-21 program in NSW (Macquarie University).

My name is Fariba Bagherzadeh and I would like to present a brief biography of myself. I am currently studying my PhD in department of actuarial studies and business analytics at
Macquarie University. I am analysing manager’s behaviour and commitment at small and
medium-sized companies (SMEs) regarding environmental aspect of sustainability and
develop various strategies and interventions to ease the path of sustainability adoption by these firms in Australia.

I have finished my MRes (Master of Research) with distinction in MGSM at Macquarie
University, analysing sustainability in commercial buildings. It was an industrial project with CIM Enviro, which is a company in optimising energy consumption based in Sydney. During this project I had to work with big data, monitoring and reporting energy and financial savings, as well as data markets to make recommendations and forecast business profits.

I have finished my bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering and have worked for
more than four years as a mechanical engineer and data analyst. Working in different
companies has enhanced my management skills. I improved my technical proficiencies as
well as soft skills. I improved my communication skills as I had to deal with a wide range of folks with different backgrounds of knowledge and experience. I managed information and did critical thinking to analyse problems from all angles before making a decision and I enjoyed working on a project as a team from conception to completion.

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