Essam Eltayeb, mentee in the 2020-21 program in SA (UniSA).

I am a hardworking, well-motivated and highly efficient person who possesses a good team spirit and high productivity with innovative thinking. I have excellent work experience in designing and supervision of various types of construction projects in Egypt and United Arab Emirates. I have a long experience over 8 years in teaching structural engineering courses, software, and workshops to undergraduate students in Egypt and Australia. In addition, I have a strong research background in Civil Structural Engineering, construction materials and manufacturing sectors from my Bachelor and Master studies. I am currently doing PhD study in structural engineering at the University of South Australia. My research is fully funded from the UniSA as a scholarship granted to me in 2016 as an excellent and high-performance international applicant. My future interest is to apply my knowledge gained from my study, research and work experience,where I can utilise my strong attention to details, and personal attributes of enthusiasm and willingness to benefit organizations and the communities.

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