Emma Gail, mentee in the MedTech-Pharma program in VIC (Monash University)

Emma Gail is a second year PhD student (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) at Monash University as part of the EMBL Australia PhD Partnership program. Her PhD project focuses mainly on developing bioinformatics tools and workflows to analyze data related to protein interactions. She previously received degrees in biology (BS, University of California, Los Angeles) and bioinformatics (MSc, Imperial College London) and has worked many different datasets, most recently those from next generation sequencing and crosslinking with mass spectrometry.

Emma is also currently an intern with CSL, evaluating different statistical methods to best analyze immunoassays and ultimately make a recommendation and/or tool to help inform future projects.  She is actively involved in the scientific community on both the local and national level, such as helping organize and presenting at symposia throughout Australia. She hopes to use her experience and skills gained throughout her PhD to optimize data analysis in the biotechnology industry after graduation.

You can find Emma on: