IMNIS Mentee Emma Church

IMNIS Mentee Emma Church

Emma is currently interning with Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist reporting on the State of Science in Queensland. She is undertaking a PhD at Queensland University of Technology. Her research explores how behavioural drivers and social contexts enable people to act for nature.  

Emma has a breadth of experience working across renewable energy, integrated water management and biodiversity conservation. She enjoys working collaboratively with industry, government and community and using applied research to tackle sustainability and conservation challenges.  

Emma is also involved in several science communication and education programs; she teaches marine science at sea and guides young people on ocean based outward-bound style adventures.  

 Growing up on the North Coast of New South Wales the ocean has always been a place of inspiration and respite for Emma. Experiencing these environments as a surfer and diver have shaped her values and career choices.

With the help of an IMNIS mentor Emma would like to learn the skills necessary to become a successful strategist and effective leader.