Duyet Tran, mentee in the 2018 MedTech-Pharma program in VIC (RMIT)

I have my background in Physics and had worked as a Physics lecturer in Physics department at An Giang university in Vietnam from 2006 to 2017. I’m now a PhD student at RMIT University in the field of Applied Statistics and Analytics. My research title is “Inter-rater agreement measures for ordinal outcomes”. Estimation of the degree of agreement between different raters is of crucial importance in medical and social sciences. There are lots of different approaches proposed in the literature for this aim. My research will focus on the inter-rater agreement measures for the ordinal variables. The ordinal nature of the variable makes this estimation task more complicated. Although there are modified versions of inter-rater agreement measures for ordinal tables, there is no clear agreement on the use of a approach. We conduct an extensive Monte Carlo simulation study to evaluate and compare the accuracy of mainstream inter-rater agreement measures for ordinal tables with each other and figure out the effect of different table structures on the accuracy of these measures. Then, my research will address to use Bayesian approaches for the estimation of weights used in the weighted inter-rater agreement measures to produce more precise Bayesian agreement measures. Also, the extent of agreement among 2 raters is estimated by employing the Bayesian method into log-linear model. In short, Bayesian approach is more appropriate method than the classical to calculate inter-rater agreement among 2 raters for ordinal data.

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