IMNIS Mentee Deepak Mallya

IMNIS Mentee Deepak Mallya

Deepak is a motivated second year PhD student researching on building next-generation membranes with nanomaterials for desalination and removal of dangerous contaminants including perfluoroalkyle substances (PFAS) and organic micropollutants. He is now studying at Deakin University under Prof. Bas Baskaran’s supervision

With a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a strong desire to contribute to the water and wastewater treatment industries, he is an aspiring global water professional. During his undergraduate studies in India, he was selected for a Study Abroad programme and did a membrane science and application research internship at Deakin University. This research experience assisted him in receiving a coveted Deakin University Postgraduate Research scholarship to complete his PhD.

His research focus includes nanomaterial synthesis, membrane fabrication, characterization, evaluation and water analysis through lab-based experiments. His diverse background on materials allows him to explore different applications of membranes in resource recovery, bio-separations, food and beverages industries, industrial effluents treatment and pharmaceuticals. He’s also keen in putting circular economy principles into practise and ensuring a sustainable future for these vital businesses. He is interested in providing regulatory, water quality and environmental consultations, while expanding his expertise in policy and governance for water.

Aside from academics, he is a professional musician (percussionist) who enjoys experimenting with various musical instruments. He enjoys travelling, participating in outdoor sports, and volunteering for charitable and environmental causes.

He is excited to be a part of this Industry Mentoring Network, where he will be able to explore and learn from highly experienced mentors.