Daisy Spark, mentee in the 2020 program in VIC (Monash University)

Daisy Spark received her Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at Monash University in 2015, where she majored in Drug Discovery Biology. In 2016, she undertook Honours with a project investigating the role of orphan G protein-coupled receptor, GPR52, in cortico-striatal signalling and striato-centric behaviour relevant to schizophrenia. Daisy’s interest in schizophrenia drug discovery has since grown; as a PhD student at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences she investigates the relationship between preclinical and clinical efficacy of schizophrenia therapeutics. Using a range of translational techniques such as functional MRI, PET and the rodent touchscreen platform, her work aims to provide better validation of the models and tests currently used to determine preclinical efficacy. Daisy’s ultimate goal is to contribute towards the improved treatment of schizophrenia – and mental illnesses more broadly – from a space bridging preclinical, clinical, academic and industry research.

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